Survey Research Training and Consultancy

What is Quality in Quantitative Research?

1-Day Course

This course offers insight on how to deal with the “quality” of quantitative research. During the course, participants . . .
  • Review their own quality standards
  • Become familiar with key debates and issues in assessing quality (both theoretical and practical)
  • Learn about a range of quality assessment tools for quantitative research (note that the main emphasis of the workshop is on survey research, but this is prefaced with a short presentation on the history of quality in experiments)
  • Practice applying criteria to research design
  • Understand the respective strengths and weaknesses of formal and informal assessment,
  • Form their own opinions about key issues and challenges in the quality field, and
  • Develop the confidence to critically appraise the value of different criteria and approaches to quality assessment.

Current and Former Clients:

  •, Brazil


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