Survey Research Training and Consultancy

Questionnaire Pretesting/Piloting Courses

These courses introduce the broad range of techniques currently available (both traditional and innovative) to test and improve survey questions, both for self-completion and interview surveys. These courses do not cover the testing of standardised multi-item scales as that is covered in the Multi-Item Scale Development course.


Courses Run for Current and Former Clients:

1-Day Course

Topics include:
  • Standard pilot testing
  • Systematic forms appraisal
  • Respondent debriefing
  • Behaviour coding
  • Cognitive interviewing
  • Focus groups for question testing
  • Comparing and combining techniques

1-Day Course for

  • University of Hong Kong

2-Day Course

Topics include:
  • Standard pilot testing
  • Expert review and systematic forms appraisal
  • Interviewer rating form
  • Respondent debriefing and vignettes
  • Classical behaviour coding and sequence-based approaches
  • Cognitive interviewing and the 3 Step Test Interview
  • Focus groups for question testing
  • Split ballot experiments
  • Comparing and combining techniques

2-Day Course for

  • JPSM Short Course series
  • University of Michigan Summer Institute


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