Survey Research Training and Consultancy

Survey Analysis Courses

All the courses focus on understanding the statistics behind the software packages and offer an opportunity for participants to ask that “embarrassing” statistical question they have always wanted to ask.


Courses Run for Current and Former Clients:

1-Day Survey Analysis Course

In Basic Survey Analysis. Topics include:
  • Overview of analysis considerations
  • Some do’s and don’ts of graphs and tables
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Two-sample t-tests (for independent and paired data)
  • Chi-square test of independence

1-Day Course for

  • Department for Work and Pension
  • Sustrans
  • Durham County Council
  • The Social Research Association (SRA)
  • Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMIST)
  • University of Hong Kong

Statistics Refreshers

Topics are chosen from the following:
  • Descriptive vs. inferential statistics
  • Some do’s and don’ts of graphs and tables
  • What is a distribution?
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Standardisation
  • Standard error
  • Confidence intervals
  • Sample size requirements
  • Hypothesis testing (illustrated with a one-sample Z-test)
  • Effect of sample size / Statistical vs practical significance
  • Multiple comparisons
  • The principles behind
  • Two sample t-tests (paired and independent)
  • A one-way analyses of variance
  • Chi-square test of independence
  • Regression (a simple explanation of the basics)
  • Measures of association
  • Choosing a statistical test
  • Example: Comparison of same research question using different tests
  • Tips on reporting results

7-hour Course for

  • Essex Summer School

1˝-Day Course for

  • Picker Institute

2-Day Course for

  • Buildings Research Establishment Limited

3-Day Course for

  • National Statistics Agency in Bosnia Herzegovina

Detailed course on correlation, bivariate and multiple regression, including:

  • Creating dummy variables
  • Creating interaction terms
  • The assumptions behind the model and the implications of violating them.
  • Introduction to logistic regression

2-day Regression Course

  • University of Hong Kong
  • Monash University, Malaysia


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